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Homegating with Family, Friends and KettlePizza is a Little Slice of Heaven

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The NFL can lay claim to being the largest live spectator sport on the planet in terms of average attendance with close to 20 million people filling seats at stadiums throughout the US each season.  That’s close to 70,000 fans per stadium on any given Sunday.  And as we know, most of these fans — with their SUVs and pick-ups stocked with grills and coolers filled with burgers and dogs and wings and brew, treating each trek to their home team’s stadium more like a pilgrimage than a road trip — are season ticket holders. So a big percentage of the 20 million are attending games on a weekly basis.

But what about the rest of us?Tailgating

While attending a game in person can be lots of fun, enjoying a “no-traffic” NFL football Sunday in the more intimate and cozy setting of a warm house filled with family and friends and high fives – and of course, pizza, because “pizza is the new hamburger” <The Today Show video> — is a great alternative.

For the majority of us, that’s our world. The world of “homegating”, where replacing the possibility of foul weather, big crowds and the time and money associated with attending an NFL game with the comfort of one’s own home – or a friend’s – is priceless.  As we know from many of our customers, homegating with KettlePizza is a growing trend.

One of the primary reasons why we came up with the idea for KettlePizza was that we wanted to provide a product that would become the centerpiece for almost any environment where friends and family gather to enjoy each other’s company.  Since it was invented in the late 1800’s in Naples, Italy, pizza has been a food that isn’t only delicious and nutritious (just try not to eat the whole pie!), but is best enjoyed when shared with others.  Whether it be a birthday celebration, a backyard Halloween party, a Friday night get together or a NFL football Sunday, chances are pizza will be part of the mix.

Granted, we’re a bit biased, but we think KettlePizza marries the best of all worlds when it comes to a family and friends get together at home — aka homegating – on a Sunday or on any other day.

The warm glow of a wood-fired pizza oven before, during and after the game, friends and family members preparing favorite toppings for the next pie, your grilling skills the talk of the neighborhood…well, that’s a little slice of heaven.

With a Made in the USA KettlePizza in your backyard, the countdown to your next homegating event will begin as soon as the final whistle blows at the end of the game.

KettlePizza Announces Voluntary Replacement of Thermometers

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October 17, 2014

It has come to our attention that some of the thermometers that have been included with our KettlePizza kits may not perform as intended.  In two instances among the thousands of such thermometers that have been shipped, the glass face has cracked/shattered while in use.  As a precaution, we have decided to replace all such thermometers with an improved version that has the benefit of a vented back plate which will keep the glass from breaking under normal use.  We ask that you simply check the back plate of your existing thermometer. If you see a venting hole or slot, then you can continue enjoying the benefits of your thermometer.  If you don’t see a venting hole please contact us for a free replacement.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Hazard: The glass cover and components on the KettlePizza thermometer can break, posing a risk of injury to the user or those nearby.

Incidents/Injuries: The Company has received two reports of thermometers breaking.  No injuries have been reported.

Description:  KettlePizza kits sold during the period of June 2014 to October 2014 may include thermometers that are at risk of breaking.  Thermometers with vent holes or slots on the rear (see picture) are ok for use.  Thermometers without vent holes or slots on the rear should be disposed of and replaced with a new vented thermometer.

Sold at:  Amazon, Crate and Barrel, Hayneedle, Wayfair, Shoppers Choice, and other retailers.

Remedy: Contact KettlePizza to receive a free replacement thermometer. Consumers should not use the unit until the replacement thermometer has been installed in accordance with the instructions.

Consumer Contact: Call KettlePizza toll-free at (888)205-1931 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.  Customers can also email us at, please be sure to include your address and we will send a replacement thermometer right out to you.

Vented Thermometers Are OK To Use
Vented Thermometers Are OK To Use
Thermometers Without A Rear Vent Should Be Replaced
Thermometers Without A Rear Vent Should Be Replaced

There’s Still Time to Bid on a KettlePizza and Support a Great Cause

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Don’t miss this chance to buy a KettlePizza, amazing wines, craft beers, artisan spirits, and other exciting epicurean and culinary adventures you’ll find at the annual KRCB Wine and Epicurean Auction — all while supporting public television and radio station KRCB. Bid now online and if you’re in greater San Francisco, you can watch the auction live again this weekend.

We’re thrilled to be supporting this great PBS station, which broadcasts commercial-free educational, informational and cultural programming to the entire San Francisco market – about 2.5 million homes.  Like other PBS stations, KRCB fills a great need in the communities it serves by working with other non-profits, as well as with government organizations, to lead discussions on critical community issues.

Last week’s installment of the auction was a great success, and we were excited to see a number of bids on the KettlePizza kits we donated.  Now everyone gets another chance to buy their own wood-fired KettlePizza oven, and other great products, while supporting an outstanding cause and organization.

So what are you waiting for? The bidding starts right here.


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In case you missed it, KettlePizza issued a press release earlier this week summarizing the company’s growth and expansion into new markets in the US and around the world. None of this success happens without support from you, our valued customers. Needless to say, we’re excited by KettlePizza’s sales and growth momentum and we’re looking forward to a busy holiday season.

Here’s the release….

High demand during “National Pizza Month”, fall “homegating”, holiday retail seasons

Groveland, Mass. – October 14, 2014 – KettlePizza™, whose flagship product is an innovative ‘Made in the USA’ kit that converts kettle style charcoal grills into wood-burning pizza ovens, today announced continued company and sales growth during the third fiscal quarter, which ended September 30, 2014. During the quarter, KettlePizza welcomed new retail partner Central Network Retail Group and also extended its partnership with Crate & Barrel.

These recent distribution agreements build on KettlePizza’s overall company growth, which includes:

  • Growing direct sales to customers in 47 countries
  • Establishing partnerships with dealers in 20 states in the U.S. and with resellers/dealers in Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK
  • Signing e-commerce partnerships with, Crate&, Hayneedle,,, and, and
  • Martha Stewart’s American Made Program, kicking off this month

“What better time to share the news of our company’s growth than during National Pizza Month?” said Al Contarino, inventor of KettlePizza. “With new distribution partnerships, KettlePizza is poised to grow even more rapidly. Our products are now available in Central Network Retail Group’s Town and Country stores in North Carolina as well as nationally in Crate & Barrel’s retail and online stores (starting again in 2015).”

KettlePizza sales are also growing due to consumer interest in “homegating,” i.e. tailgating at home during fall sporting events, as well as home entertainment in general and holiday gift-giving. KettlePizza is an efficient, affordable and family-fun way to cook pizza. Where backyard brick and stone pizza ovens can cost thousands of dollars, KettlePizza kits begin at $149.95. In addition, KettlePizza’s portability means your pizza oven goes wherever you go – to a football game or other event, a neighbor’s backyard or your next home.

“KettlePizza always receives a lot of interest during peak gift-giving season – like the winter holidays, spring time and Father’s Day,” said George Peters, a KettlePizza co-founder. “Our ‘Made in the USA’ product is very appealing to consumers. Our global online community of KettlePizza enthusiasts is also growing rapidly. These KettlePizza users share recipes, videos and testimonials, and drive demand for KettlePizza.”

About KettlePizza™
Founded in 2010 by inventors and entrepreneurs Al Contarino and George Peters, KettlePizza™ is an All-American small business success story. From humble beginnings in Al’s barn to distribution partners across the country and around the world, KettlePizza offers grill aficionados and families that enjoy home cooked meals or entertaining friends an authentic wood-burning pizza oven experience. KettlePizza has multiple patents pending and was named 2013 Retailers Choice Award at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas and 2012 Vesta Award Finalist at the Hearth, Patio Expo Atlanta. For more information, visit

The KettlePizza Will Turn Your Charcoal Grill InTo A Real Woodfired Pizza Oven


KettlePizza is a trademark of KettlePizza, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Copyright © 2014 KettlePizza, LLC. All rights reserved. KettlePizza LLC is not affiliated with Weber-Stephens Products Co.

Bid on a KettlePizza and Support a Great Cause – That’s a Win-Win in Our Mind

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KRCB is a PBS TV station broadcasting to the entire San Francisco market and reaches about 2.5 million homes. Throughout the year, KRCB-TV delivers commercial-free educational, informational and cultural programming in partnership with the communities it serves. The station works with non-profit and government organizations and initiates discussions on key community issues while encouraging civic engagement.

So when we had the opportunity to support the annual KRCB Wine and Epicurean Auction, which will be broadcast this weekend (Friday, October 10 -12) and next weekend (Friday, October 17 – 19), we jumped at the opportunity faster than we would jump at the last slice coming off a KettlePizza oven (well, perhaps not that fastJ.

If you’re within reception of KRCB, tune in to station 22 or Radio 91 FM this weekend and next for a chance to participate in a great cause. If you’re located elsewhere in the US but still want to get involved, you can bid online right here, starting right now.

We donated several of our KettlePizza products, including this Pro 22 Kit — which we are thrilled to see already has an opening bid on it. There are lots of other great products being auctioned too. Take a look. But only you’re interested in great wine, culinary tours, dinner at the best restaurants, and what we think is the best wood fired pizza oven on the planet.

Bid on a KettlePizza and Support a Great Cause at the KPRC Auction
Bid on a KettlePizza and Support a Great Cause at the KPRC Auction

The Most Wonderful Month of the Year – October is National Pizza Month

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Not every food is celebrated for an entire month.  And is there any food more deserving of a month-long celebration than pizza?  Well, not one that we can think of.

October is National Pizza Month in the USA.  Needless to say, here at KettlePizza we think of every month as national pizza month – but every October, it’s official! So we thought we’d take the opportunity to share some of the history of National Pizza Month with you.  Next time you’re entertaining friends and family with a delicious pie cooked in your made in the USA KettlePizza, you’ll have a few pizza fun facts to share.

First of all, there are mixed reports on when National Pizza Month was first established.  Some sources claim 1987 was the first year of the month-long celebration.  But we’re pretty sure it was first observed in the USA three years prior by the founder of Pizza Today magazine and Pizza Expo, Gerry Durnell.  At the time, Durnell was not only a pizzeria owner, but a savvy marketer. Realizing there wasn’t a publication serving the pizza industry, he launched Pizza Today in October of 1984 and created National Pizza Month at the same time to promote his new venture.

Thirty years later, National Pizza Month lives on, here in the USA and in Canada as well.  If you’re like most Americans, however, every month is pretty much “pizza month.”  On average, close to 95 percent of us eat pizza at least once per month (at KettlePizza, we’re definitely “above average”). If you were to lay out all of the pizzas Americans eat each day, they would cover 100 acres.  And about 350 slices per second are consumed in the USA every single day!  Phew.

Here are a few more facts about pizza we dug out for you:

  • Super Bowl Sunday is one of the top five days in the year for pizza sales. Delivery sales of pizza also spike the most during close Super Bowl games (of course, having a KettlePizza means not having to wait for a busy delivery guy to show up).
  • Some of the most popular gourmet pizza toppings include: oysters, crayfish, sprouts and cajun shrimp.
  • The longest pizza delivery was from Cape Town, South Africa to Sydney, Australia (wonder if the pizza arrived hot?).
  • Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria in Anchorage is the highest-grossing single-unit independent pizzeria in the nation with $6M annual sales.
  • The world’s fastest pizza maker made 14 pizzas in a record two minutes and 35 seconds.
  • Scientists report that eating pizza once a week can reduce the risk of esophageal cancer. It’s the tomatoes and olive oil in the pizza.

We’d love to hear how you’ll be celebrating National Pizza Month.  Feel free to send us your stories and we’ll share them with the KettlePizza community in the USA and around the world.


The Most Wonderful Month of the Year – October is National Pizza Month
The Most Wonderful Month of the Year – October is National Pizza Month

Win a Free KettlePizza – It’s Easy!

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We are trying something new!  To try and get some momentum going into the Christmas season, each week we are going to give away one of our Basic KettlePizza kits!  All people have to do to enter is to like or share the our post at our Facebook page:  Told you it was easy!

Just like our Facebook post for your chance at winning a free KettlePizza!