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Hello and thanks for visiting my blog!

My name is Al Contarino and I am an inventor. This blog is about one of my inventions – the KettlePizza Oven. I have lots of experience in manufacturing and so I challenged myself by attempting to design, manufacture and sell this product completely in house. A big endevor especially when everything you see says “Made in China”.

I often hear people say that the USA is the home of innovation and that China is the world’s manufacturing center. My question is how long can we continue to be innovators if we keep “offshoring” all of our manufacturing? Innovation comes from experience, the manufacturing process is part of that. If we do away manufacturing we will lose this valuable experience and soon we will lose the ability to innovate.

I hope you enjoy this blog, perhaps it will motivate some people to consider manufacturing more products in the States.


Al Contarino with Convection Grill
Al Contarino with one of his other inventions


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