KettlePizza Pro Peel now available for sale

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When I went searching for a “Made in USA” pizza peel to supply with the KettlePizza I was very disappointed.  Almost all of the peels are made in China and many of them are not very high quality.  To make matters worse, the pricing of the Chinese products seem to be going up every month.  I decided to go it alone and design my own peel.  This new product is made of 0.100″ 5052 aluminum with teak handles.  This product is built to last and people will enjoy the integrated bottle opener for quick opening of your favorite beverage.  The KettlePizza Pro Peel is now available for purchase.  Retail price is $39.95 and they are available at our corporate store  and on Ebay.

KettlePizza Pro Peel
The KettlePizza Pro Peel - $39.95 - Made in USA

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