Why Make Products In The USA? Why Not!

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I was interviewed recently by a home furnishing publication recently and one of the questions asked was, “Why do you manufacture your products in the United States?”  After thinking for a moment as to the best way to answer I decided to give both an answer and a question. “We manufacture our products in the USA because we think it is the right thing to do.  It creates jobs for our economy.  It helps us to innovate other new products since we are fully integrated with the manufacturing process.  It is not just about how to maximize our bottom line – that is not all that business is about.”

Then I went on to ask my question. “Why NOT manufacture products here in the USA?”  “There are benefits!  We can utilize a Just In Time warehouse and production area allowing us to turn over our inventory many times per year.  We can build closer relationships with our suppliers who for the most part are within a 100 mile radius.  We can innovate and make running changes very very quickly.  It is easy for our customers to get all the answers  they need because it is our tight group of employees that designs, manufactures, processes, ships and answers the phone – yes we answer the phone!”

After the interview was over I went to check on my son who was playing with his legos putting the blocks together in different fun configurations.  Thinking about the interview I smiled and realized that I forgot a very key answer!  Manufacturing products in the USA is fun!

Al Contarino
President & Co-Founder

PS If you didn’t get a chance to watch the ABC News Channel 5 visit to KettlePizza headquarters you can check it out here!




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