KettlePizza Gas Pro Product Released

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The time has finally come for us to share the secret new product that we have been talking about over the past month! For years people have asked us if we had a pizza oven kit for gas grills and we have put countless hours of product testing and development to create one that was worthy of the KettlePizza name. We are now confident that we have a product that exceeds the strict quality and performance requirements that we require. The KettlePizza Gas Pro is made of solid one piece stainless steel construction, includes cordierite stone, and is made with American workmanship and materials. We think you will be very happy with it! You can learn more about the product KettlePizza Gas Pro line here:…/1880.htm


KettlePizza Featured on Daytime Talk Show “Steve Harvey”

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1596714_821726634573191_6857471821290068836_oWe were thrilled to be a part of two-time Emmy award winner Steve Harvey’s show yesterday.


Steve Harvey featured the latest and greatest accessories for backyard BBQs, including KettlePizza.


Steve, a lover of wood-fired pizza ovens himself, asked the studio audience if they would “use it” or “lose it” and (no surprise to our loyal fans!), KettlePizza earned a definite “USE IT” stamp of approval.


To celebrate, we’re offering a special online discount available through April 20 only. Just use HARVEY25 for a $25 discount on our kits at!


See more about the segment here:

A Backyard Pizza Oven Adds Excitement to any Outdoor Kitchen

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Crate & Barrel
A wood-fired pizza oven makes for an exciting addition to any outdoor kitchen.

When it comes to entertaining family and friends, little beats getting together outdoors when the food becomes the center of attention.  Who doesn’t love hanging out by the grill to see what’s being prepared?  Socializing around the grill has become a national pastime.  And with the first official day of Spring only a month or so away, homeowners coast-to-coast are champing at the bit to make outdoor lifestyle improvements.

Depending on what part of the country you live in, an outdoor kitchen may or may not make sense.  It may not seem like it during Snowmaggedon 2015, but even in New England (the home base for KettlePizza), we enjoy many months of temperate weather where spending time socializing outside is preferred over jamming guests in a hot and crowded kitchen.

In fact, a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) shows that homeowners who have an outdoor kitchen consistently rate it as their favorite room. And the number one outdoor kitchen item the homeowners regretted not having was a backyard pizza oven. As our KettlePizza customers already know, an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven quickly becomes the central gathering spot for family and friends who not only want to see what’s cooking, but relish the opportunity to participate in a fun and entertaining cooking process.

“The number one item that current owners of outdoor kitchens regretted leaving out was a pizza oven. Backyard pizza ovens serve as a gathering place for guests to participate in the food prep process. It’s what I call ‘kitchen karaoke.'” … June Savage, Realtor associate, Coral Gables, Florida,  ONE Sotheby’s International Realty 

So if you’re flipping through outdoor kitchen furniture web pages and brochures these days, looking forward to a time in the not-too-distant future when snow drifts and ice will be replaced by green grass and flowers, don’t forget to budget for a wood-fired, backyard pizza oven.  If you decide on a KettlePizza — which converts a kettle style charcoal grill, like a Weber, into a pizza oven — you’ll spend as a little as $150 for everything you need to take your entertaining capabilities to an all new level.

Beyond the entertainment benefits, an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven, such as a KettlePizza, has many other benefits, including:

  • You and your guests will eat sooner.  How long does it take for your indoor oven to reach its highest temperature (at least 20 minutes)? And at its highest temp of around 500 degrees F, it will take up to another 15 minutes to bake a pizza.  A KettlePizza oven quickly hits temps of 700 – 800 degrees F, and beyond, so you can expect your pizza to be ready in two or three minutes.
  • Your pizza will taste better.  That’s because a KettlePizza distributes the heat evenly across the pizza and the wood-fired heat delivers a unique and delicious flavor.
  • A wood-fired pizza is healthier for you.  Since toppings like vegetables and some fruit will cook more quickly in a KettlePizza than in an indoor oven, these toppings retain more of their nutrients and antioxidants.
  • A wood-fired oven is versatile.  Baking bread, roasting meats, burgers and dogs and vegetables — all fun and easy to do in your KettlePizza.
  • Wood-fired ovens are inexpensive to operate.  No electricity. No propane.  Just heat from fire.

Are you thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen to your home this year?  Or adding items, like a wood-fired oven, to an existing one?  If so, we’d love to hear what you have in mind.




KettlePizza vs. a Traditional Backyard Pizza Oven – the Choice is Yours

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By Al Contarino, KettlePizza president and co-founder

What better time to highlight some of the benefits of a KettlePizza vs. a traditional brick or stone pizza oven than on DSC_0161National Pizza Day.

If you’re reading this post, you’ve likely thought about having a brick or stone pizza oven in your back yard.  Who wouldn’t want one of these beauties gracing their lawn? And what better way to make new friends or rekindle relationships with long lost relatives:).

Many of you already know that George Peters and I had a similar dream, a dream that ultimately led to the establishment of KettlePizza.  Since KettlePizza was founded, we’ve heard from many adventurous pizza lovers who thought it would be fun to build a backyard pizza oven, in part, due to the high cost of purchasing one.  While I admire their passion and ambition, many have called me back to express their frustration about the inability to find the time to finish what they started.

For these folks, who may be price-sensitive and pressed for time but still insist on outstanding craftsmanship (USA craftsmanship, I should add) and excellent pizza, a KettlePizza is the perfect fit.

If you have looked at the alternatives, from a home-made brick or stone pizza oven for your yard to one you could buy assembled and installed, this post is specifically for you.  You’ll see that KettlePizza is a great way to get started with an inexpensive pizza oven that doesn’t compromise quality and will deliver heavenly creations.

KettlePizza vs. a Traditional Backyard Pizza Oven 

  • Cost — KettlePizza kits with a Weber Kettle Grill costs between $200.00-$500.00, depending on the selected setup.  The entry cost for a traditional pizza oven is no less than $1000.00, and that’s if you do the install yourself.  Expect to pay $2500.00-$5000.00 and up if you have an oven professionally installed.
  • Mobility — Because it’s light weight and on wheels, a KettlePizza and Weber Kettle Grill combo can be easily moved around a yard. If you’re taking the family on a summer vacation and renting a cottage for a week or two, don’t leave home without your outdoor wood-fired KettlePizza oven.
  •  Startup Time/Use — The KettlePizza takes about 20-25 minutes to get the charcoal/hardwood and the stone ready to start cooking pizza. Most traditional pizza ovens take an hour-and-a-half to get to temperature, so plan accordingly.
  • Versatility – Since a KettlePizza is an oven, you can cook in it just about anything that you would cook in a standard oven. Traditional pizza ovens are great for cooking other foods as well, once you get past the learning curve.

If you can afford the cost, space requirements and the time to use it, a traditional pizza oven is a fantastic backyard addition for any pizza aficionado. But for those who may want to budget their money and time, but who value convenience and high quality, then the KettlePizza is an outstanding solution.  And don’t forget — the KettlePizza is Made in the USA.  If you’re interested in more information, please visit us at

Things You Never Knew You Can Do with Baking Steel

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Like the KettlePizza itself, Baking Steel is a versatile product with many uses beyond its primary function of providing higher dome temperatures for pizza ovens — like our KettlePizza.  Baking Steel is a 3/16-inch thick pre-seasoned round steel that that fits 22.5-inch kettle grills, like the Weber.  Because it radiates heat so quickly, Baking Steel provides a really hot ceiling for quick crisping on the top of the pizza.

Baking Steel is included with the Made in the USA KettlePizza Serious Eats Special Edition — a deluxe kit we developed in partnership with Baking Steel and Slice Serious Eats and wrote about last week (it’s still on sale!).

You can, however, also purchase Baking Steel from us separately as an enhancement to your existing Kettle Pizza. Baking Steel is on sale from KettlePizza right now for $79.75!

Did you know that in addition to using Baking Steel to make crisper pizzas, you can use it to cook safe_imagejust about anything you’d use a griddle for.  If it’s breakfast you’re hungry for, wait until the coals get good and hot then lay out strips of bacon, crack open a couple of fresh eggs and pour the pancake batter directly on to Baking Steel.  In a flash you’ll be feasting on a grand slam-style breakfast just like a couple of us did a few days ago. (If you want the full treatment, you can check out our video here).

In addition to breakfast, veggies, steaks and fish that love searing, burgers and hot dogs all taste great off of a Baking Steel.  It’s a very versatile product that just keeps on giving.

Of course, we think Baking Steel has it’s finest moments when it’s joined together with a KettlePizza, churning out great pizzas every four-five minutes for your guests.  But when pizza isn’t on the menu, fire up the grill anyway and put the Baking Steel through it paces with your own creative recipes.

Please let us know what you come up with. We’d love to see your pictures and videos of your Baking Steel at work and we’ll share them with the KettlePizza community.

KettlePizza Makes a Great Holiday Gift!

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KettlePizza Christmas
KettlePizza is an ideal holiday gift for a foodie or anyone who enjoys great tasting pizza hot off the grill!

If you haven’t already noticed, the holiday season is upon us.

As you’re shopping for that perfect gift this year, we suggest you consider Made in the USA KettlePizza.

Perfect for grill aficionados and foodies looking for new recipes, or for families that enjoy home cooked meals and entertaining friends, the innovative KettlePizza kit is a wonderful way to bring wood-fired oven flavor to your cooking and entertaining repertoire without the expense of buying or building a brick or stone oven in your backyard!

For the person who already has a KettlePizza and loves using it, consider one of these great gifts:

KettlePizza Wooden Pizza Peel and Cordierite Stone Kit

Kit includes the KettlePizza 22 inch wooden pizza peel and the 15″ cordierite pizza stone.  Great for use with the KettlePizza or in your home oven.

KettlePizza Metal Pro Pizza Peel and Cordierite Stone Kit

Kit includes the KettlePizza pro grade pizza peel and the 15″ cordierite pizza stone.  Great for use with the KettlePizza or in your home oven.

KettlePizza ProGrate & Tombstone Combination Kit

Made specifically for the hardcore KettlePizza user or professional who wants faster cooking cycles and higher dome temperatures for near-Neopolitan pizza results.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at these gift-giving experts who have recommended KettlePizza in their holiday gift guide lists:

PatriotsNew England Patriots Gift Guide:  The Tailgater

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American-Made-Holiday-Gift-Guide-2014-Logo-Button  Made in USA Holiday Challenge Gift Guide


And don’t forget to check us out on on page 67 of the annual Tailgater Magazine Holiday Gift Guide too!

KettlePizza is available online at and also at, Hayneedle,,, and

Made in USA is Still Going Strong at KettlePizza

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I haven’t posted in a long while to our blog and there are so many things to talk about.  First, the Made in USA effort is successful and going strong.  Over the past year we have increased our production parts from 90% to 96% American Made.  Everything from our raw steel and wood to our nuts and bolts are now Made in USA – something we are very, very proud of.

As we have grown we have made numerous “running changes” to our products.  These improvements would have been impossible to make if we were sourcing our products from China.  When you buy from China you usually need to buy in large volumes.  Then you are stuck with that amount of product in your warehouse and it is very difficult to make changes because you would have to scrap the product sitting in inventory.  We work differently using lean manufacturing techniques.  Our goal is to never have more than a couple weeks worth of inventory in our warehouse.  This makes it very easy to make running changes to our product line.

Export count: 40+ countries shipped to!  Another thing we are very proud of!  We have shipped our products from New Zealand to Thailand to Chile.  As our company grows, we are looking to increase our worldwide presence though distribution partners and dealers.

New products: We have added a number of new products to the line.  The most popular of which is the KettlePizza Prograte and Tombstone combination kit.  This product allows quick and easy re-stoking of your grill and allows higher dome temperatures via an elevated rear firebox.  It is very popular with the hardcore pizza foodies!  Everything including the steel, labor and cordierite stone are all American Made.  More updates soon!

KettlePizza with Prograte Tombstone Combo
KettlePizza with Prograte Tombstone Combo